I am a cleaning contactor and I specialise in cleaning nursing homes and commercial building. I have had the King machine for a couple of years. This machine has made my job so much easier. I am able t o clean carpets in the nursing homes by extracting the bacteria left throughout the carpets thus reducing spread of germs and eliminating the need to use additional costly chemicals. Steam is able to kill all bacteria which means it is an efficient cost effective green alternative.
John Nesbitt

I operate a car detailing business in Gippsland ‘Clean As New Car Detailing’ and have been using the Duke Mini spotter for 10years.Before this we had a standard upholstery cleaner for all our steam cleaning and it was in no way comparable to the duke mini spotter. It did not have the power to extract and clean upholstery stains which are sometimes very hard to lift in cars. The duke mini spotter is so powerful and can lift stains and clean cars to an impeccable standard. I would not recommend any other machines for this use. It is made very tough and we have not had to replace any parts in this time.
Anthony Martic