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The new generation of Extractor Vac has now been released.  The improved design features include fully automatic units, ability to clean tile and grout and can be used as a truck mount.


The Extractor Vac series of machines features a marine grade fibreglass body.  Attention to ergonomic design and light weight results in comfort and simplicity in use.


The machines all have an equal capacity solution and recovery tanks to avoid motor damage through overflow.


These professional, durable machines are Australian made to the highest standards, making them suitable for flood recovery work. They are powerful enough to handle all tough australian conditions.


Compare these machines to others and you will find that we have not cut any corners on manufacturing or features making them the best machines on the market


The Extractor Series of machines is the ideal choice for the carpet professional.
Queen Carpet Cleaner
Crown Prince Carpet Cleaner
Prince Carpet Cleaner
Princess Carpet Cleaner
 Duchess Carpet Cleaner
 Duke II Carpet Cleaner
Duke Mini Spotter Carpet Cleaner