Introducing the "NEW GENERATION" of
carpet cleaning extractor machines

The exciting new range of extractors from Extractorvac. The result of over 40 years experience in the cleaning industry. They represent new standards in design innovation and performance making them the best carpet cleaning machines in Australia. Made by Australians for Australians.

Terry Sekulovski formally known as T & F Electrics has an extensive knowledge of the cleaning industry and has been the leader throughout the manufacturing and design of the best extractor machines on the market. With his vast knowledge and his superior products he has established machines which are unsurpassed.
From 2011 Terry has decided to pass down his leading products to the ‘new generation’, Peter Majstorovic.

Peter has also been involved in the cleaning industry for the last 20 years and has used theses products throughout his career and can personally assure that they are the best on the market. “I aim to manufacture the best machine possible and in order to do that I need to understand all my competitors strengths and weaknesses”. “Extractor Vacs are built better, stronger and more economical making them the most powerful performers on the market”.

With the combined experience of Terry from T & F Electrics and the original and new ideas from Peter the extractor machines have been updated and minor manufacturing changes have been made to include necessary extras to the products to enhance the performance of the machines and to therefore provide the user with a products that is unparalleled by all other. The fully automatic machines are powerful enough to be operated as a truck mount or portable. The unit is the choice of the professional carpet and upholstery cleaner.